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Airfreight handling

You can make your own logistic planning, but you can also choose to outsource it to Freight Support. This will save time and money. We are strong in import and export from and to the Netherlands by air. We are neutral and flexible with short lines and quick replies. Most shipments are delivered to the airport, but we can also deliver to the address of the consignee (door-to-door).


To the Netherlands

When your shipment arrives on unknown territory, you want to be sure everything will be in good hands. With thirty-eight years of experience at Schiphol we learned which carriers and airlines are best for specific shipments. We choose our business partners on the basis of criteria, such as quality, service and reliability. Upon arrival at Schiphol you will be informed about further procedures.

We are able to get the shipment as efficiently as possible on location regardless of the recipient’s location, weight and / or dimensions.


From the Netherlands

There are various possibilities for transporting the products such as sea, road and air. Each transport has its own advantages and disadvantages. When airfreight has proven to be the right choice, we can introduce you to this fast-paced world. Short delivery times means quick action.

We provide quick responses, competitive rates and efficient schedules. Because of our experience, we know that – if cost savings are required – a longer transit of one or more days means lower rates.


Pick-Up & Deliveries

To transport goods from A to B the shipment must first be picked up. Regardless of the location of your company, weight and/or dimensions of the goods, we can arrange transport to Schiphol, and vice versa.


Custom Clearance

Goods imported from outside the European Union must be cleared through customs. Clearing consists of the customs declaration of the goods, customs duties, VAT and other levies.



For safety reasons we will screen every export shipment just before delivery. This is to prevent liability for the transport of prohibited and suspicious objects. This check is done by means of detection dogs or an X-Ray.


Neutralising your shipment

If you want to protect your supplier, we can deliver the goods at the consignee with new transport documents and remove the original labels, invoices and packing list.