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Parcel Services

Avoid frustration

Great purchasing power


Faster response to technical questions

Short lines


Monitor the shipment

Parcel services

Benefit from great purchasing power, which means that lower rates can be used.

Avoid selection menus, queues and impersonal customer service. Due to our short lines with the courier services, we enable you to get answers to technical questions faster.

This ensures more peace of mind and fewer (in)direct costs.

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Monitor the shipment

How many times have you thought; 'I pay for a service, but have to do the work myself'?

We are proactively tracking the shipment and timely catching signals that can predict delays, which contributes to the smoothest possible process.


Prevent frustration and lost time by using our short lines and knowledge.

DHL Express levertijden internationaal

Why do people choose Freight Support?



“Thanks again for your service, it always goes smoothly!”
“Customer found the shipping process to be very fast and neatly loaded”
“With you I get the AWBs and updates automatically and I don't have to ask about them all the time”.
"You have such a good service. You respond quickly, and to everything. It's just a pleasure to work with".
“With you, I know that no matter what happens, it will be all right.”

I would like to a recieve an offer

Please contact us by using the form below, telephone number

06 1323 5857 or by email

Thank you for the request!

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