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About Freight Support

How do you see the current world where data and technology are leading? Data and technology have a major impact on the way businesses operate. It makes many tasks more efficient and easier.


The downside is that in many cases it is very impersonal. In addition, it requires major investments to keep up with developments. As a result, we see large companies becoming bigger and more powerful.


In a world where the big companies are getting bigger and bigger, we want to protect and help the entrepreneurs who depend on transport. We do this as your consultant, sounding board and idea cannon in the field of logistics. 

We have been a family business for more than eleven years, where father, mother and son work. With a high sense of responsibility, we are there for entrepreneurs and SMEs who dare to dream. Freight Support is there for entrepreneurs and SMEs who dare to compete against large and established companies.


Our office is located in the center of the country, namely Blaricum.


Personal word from the operational specialist

"In an ideal situation, your shipment was delivered yesterday, at a very low cost, and with a 100% reliable service. Unfortunately, that service has yet to be invented.
Unfortunately, choices will have to be made as to what is most important to you in terms of cost, speed and/or reliability.

As an operational specialist at Freight Support, I help our customers every day to identify their logistics priorities, see the bigger picture and achieve their logistics goals.

Every forwarder can transport a product from A to B, yet experience has taught me that the real difference in quality of the transports is made by air freight on the ground; by the people and processes on the shop floor.

Let me know if you need help!"
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I would like to a recieve an offer

Please contact us by using the form below, telephone number

06 1323 5857 or by email

Thank you for the request!

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