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One-stop shop


Long term improvements
& window of opportunities




High-quality service level cooperation partners


Involved chain collaboration

Other intercontinental solutions

What does it mean for you if your company can respond faster to changing market situations than the competitors? What if your company is offered a strategic advantage?

Working together with Freight Support makes logistics easier, clearer and more reliable.

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One-stop shop

Switch to more environmentally friendly and economically beneficial modes of transport, such as sea freight and railway from China, when delivery accuracy and service reliability are less important.

Long term improvements 
& window of opportunities

Improve and renew current processes by shifting between modes of transport where necessary. Experience support in getting satisfied customers focussed on logistics.

By varying between air, sea and rail transport, your supply chain becomes more flexible and reliable.

Imagine that the mode of transport you use most often causes a lot of delays. What would the impact be?


Wouldn't it be nice to be able to switch quickly and smoothly to another form of transport? This way of thinking provides ease and a less rushed feeling.

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High-quality service level cooperation partners

A deep dive into other modes of transport and a fresh look at the current role of logistics brought us one step closer to the perfect service.

Our main focus is on air freight. In addition, we are building a high-quality network full of experts and partners who help create creative solutions for other transport issues, such as railway and sea freight.

Our partners provide service according to our standards, making logistics easier and more transparent. By grouping together volumes, we are able to reduce (in)direct costs.

Involved chain collaboration

Flexible switching between modes of transport? Opt for good chain collaboration without interruptions.


Good chain cooperation requires a high level of commitment from all parties involved and has many practical challenges. Do you spend a lot of time managing recurring routings? Then this is past.

Freight Support knows your wishes and, if desired, takes over the logistical communication between you and the supplier.

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Intercontinental solutions

Various transport options under one roof offers many possibilities. Consider, for example, flexibility, resilience, optimized transit times, greater geographical reach and the impact on the environment. In addition, it also opens its doors for marketing and business objectives.

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