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Freight Support; specialized in handeling air freight

We have been a family business for over seven years. Deliberately kept small over the years, because we like short lines of communications and swift action.

Airfreight is the best option for fast and long-distance transport. Freight Support has a long experience of sending goods all over the world.
Every forwarder can ship a product from A to B, but experience tells us that the quality of shipment by airfreight is made on the ground; by the people and processes. At Freight Support we take care of smoothly handling your shipment.

Due to our extensive worldwide network we can objectively find the right solution for your shipment. You do not have to look after the shipment, because we take care for all all logistic processes.



Airfreight forwarding is de fastest and safest way possible to ship your goods internationally. It is for both large en small shipments.


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Parcel service

The international Express Service is the fastest way to deliver you parcel or pallet. Your shipment will be on location within a couple of days.


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