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Parcel service

With us you are assured of a fast door-to-door delivery, because your package or pallet will pass the world within a few days. Because we cooperate with DHL, UPS and TNT we can offer sharp rates.

Shipments booked before 13:00 hours will be picked up the same day.



After an agreement on the quotation, the shipment is put into operation. We give the order to the courier and then e-mail the label. This must be confirmed on the package before the courier picks it up. If you are not the shipper yourself, we will of course send the label to the desired organization with you in the CC. Ensure that the goods are securely packaged. Avoid empty spaces in the box and place the contents of the shipment in the middle of the package / box. If you want to know what else should be taken into account, please contact us without obligation.